We offer guided food walks in small groups where great food experiences in local restaurants will be combined with exciting storytelling about Aarhus and the food culture.

We’ve picked some of our own personal favorites in the city and can’t wait to take you on a trip and let you see and taste for yourselves. During approximately 3,5-4 hours you will experience a variety of interesting dishes at six different food places and as we make our way through the narrow streets of Aarhus you'll learn about the food culture and the history of our beloved city.

After this experience you’ll be feeling both full in your belly and saturated with impressions.

The only prerequisite for participating – besides being hungry and curious - is that you are able to walk. We will have approximately 25 minutes of walk on the longest stretch and the full distance is about 4 km.

You can read more about our different food walks in the drop down menu.